• Help your child develop an interest in languages!

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 01/10/18 15:00

    At a recent talk on bringing up bilingual and multilingual children, a parent raised a question:

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    Play-Based Learning - More to it than you realise!

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 21/09/18 10:55

    Play-based learning – the buzz phrase of the pre-school world that you might have heard repeatedly but never fully understood! Afterall, it has not always been common to speak of play and learning in the same breath. There are even schools where play is limited to certain times of the day while other periods are solely dedicated to teaching.

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    What do you look for in an international school campus?

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 18/09/18 10:37

    From the moment they step off the plane, it is not the Singapore zoo, Marina Bay Sands skyline or Sentosa that expat families rush off to see. Rather, they find themselves roaming around international school campuses, led by an Admissions Officer, eyeing the spaces where their children will be spending the regular hours of their day. Campuses often make or break the deal when it comes to picking an international school in Singapore. Rightfully so! But how exactly do you make sense of what makes a suitable campus for your child? Here are some things to observe and think about!

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    ​Getting Ready For First Day of Preschool!

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 05/01/18 14:51

    Setting foot into a preschool for the first time is bound to be a novel and possibly overwhelming experience for your toddler. It might be the first time they will be away from you for an extended period of time, be receiving instructions from adults who are practically strangers, interacting with that many children their age at the same time and navigating a completely foreign space. It is no surprise then that the little ones get the jitters ahead of the first day of preschool!

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    How to find a good preschool?

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 18/12/17 15:21

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    Studying in Germany for Free!

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 10/12/17 18:52

    In a world where tertiary education often comes with a hefty price tag, a free university education might sound too good to be true. But believe it or not, you can study for free in Germany! Since 2014, most public universities in Germany have stopped charging tuition fees for both domestic and international students. Students are simply required to pay a nominal administrative fee to be enrolled in a university.

    What makes this even better is that Germany is home to some of the most well-established universities around the world with strongly rooted traditions in academia, top-class faculty and extensive research opportunities. The outstanding graduates and numerous Nobel laureates that have come out of Germany are a testament to this.

    If you hope for your child to attend university in Germany eventually, it is important that you start thinking about how you can provide them with the right keys now to access these institutions in future!

    There are generally three types of higher education institutions in Germany:

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    Make your search for international schools in Singapore effective!

    Posted by Devi Malarvanan on 20/11/17 13:55

    The big move to Singapore
    is around the corner! You are about to take off and set up home in a foreign country with your children in tow. Naturally then, finding good international schools in Singapore for them ranks high on the agenda.

    You prowl the internet for more information, speak to other expat friends in hopes of hearing some good recommendations and invest many dedicated hours in the search for the dream international school. But as you receive more information, you also realise that the search is not necessarily getting any easier!

    All that, however, can change when you start conducting your search in a more purposeful and focused manner; it is important for you to concretise your own expectations if you want to arrive at a decision about a school before you arrive at your destination!

    Download our free decision making guide to make your search for the right international school easier.

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